Your assembly should look like this.

Align Engine Mount ( M ) holes to the Frame Mount ( H ).

Insert Engine Pivot Bolt ( E ) through both engine mount &
frame mount.

Using nut ( D ), screw nut onto bolt loosely allowing engine
to pivot up and downwards. 

See Figure.

Quick Release ( F & G already assembled on engine mount) engages and disengages drive roller on and off your tire. 

See Figure.

Remove the handgrip off your bicycle.
(If you are left handed, remove left side handgrip;
if your are right handed, remove right side handgrip.)

Insert Twist Grip Throttle (provided) onto your handle bar.

Tighten screws on throttle.

See Figures.

Your Engine Kit assembly should look similar to this.

Hint: To adjust engine mount so that the Drive Roller
falls on center of tire, loosen Pivot Bolt ( E ) slightly,
adjust engine mount, and then tighten the engine Pivot Bolt.


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