The 7 Best Bike Bells to Buy in 2022 – Reviews

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Bicycles have been around for a long time and although they are not as popular of transportation in today’s society, it is important to be able to communicate with other pedestrians or drivers on the road. A bike bell functions much like a horn does when driving your car–it lets others know you’re coming!

Bike bells are a great way to increase safety for cyclists and pedestrians. The bike bell is what alerts those around you that you’re coming so they can get out of your way. There are many different kinds of bike bells on the market, but some factors should be taken into consideration when choosing one such as size, color, style, and how loud it rings.

Buying a bike bell is just like buying clothes, bags or shoes. There are so many options and it’s hard to pick out the perfect one! All in all there’s plenty of room for creativity when picking out your new accessory that will make you heard on the road.

For every bicyclist around that has invested a lot of time when traveling, the moment comes when they realize how important it is to invest in an easy-to-carry bicycle bell. Going through this process you’ll soon be surprised by just how difficult picking out the perfect one will seem to be for your trip and there are many different bells available on Amazon!
In this blog post we will explore each factor in detail so that you know which features to look for when making your purchase!

The Best 7 Bike Bells to Buy in 2022

The list of bike bells below will make you question why you didn’t buy one sooner! There are a variety of different colors and sounds to choose from, so we have something for everyone. Bike bell prices range depending on the type that is selected but they typically start around $8-$15. This makes them an affordable way to protect your own safety while riding in traffic or even just walking down the street as well!

1. Accmor Classic Bike Bell, Aluminum Bicycle Bell

Accmor Classic Bike Bell, Aluminum Bicycle Bell, Loud Crisp Clear Sound Bicycle Bike Bell for Adults Kids
  • CRISP RINGTONE TO BE HEARD CLEARLY : The aluminum bicycle bells with fashion outlook always deliver a crisp ringtone to be heard clear, which make the riding much safer. The aluminum bike ring is one of essential bike accessories for kids and adults for mountain bike or road bike riding.
  • LOUD WARNING BELL: The aluminum bicycle ring bell is special designed for mountain bikes and road bikes as a safety warning bell. The bike bells will fit most mountain bikes and road bikes very well and put out a crisp bike ringtone to be heard clearly.
  • EXCELLENT MATERIAL FOR DURABLE USE : The bicycle bell adopts quality aluminum and engineering plastic material which is anti-rust and anti-aging that give men and women riders a prolong usage. The bike ring always stay new and useful after a long time use.

2. ANDERZS 2pcs Bike Bell Bicycle Bell (Silver), Bike Bells for Adults and Kids

ANDERZS 2pcs Bike Bell Bicycle Bell (Silver), Bike Bells for Adults and Kids, Crisp Loud Melodious Sound, Mountain Bike Bell, Road Bike Bell
  • [Crisp & Loud] - Working coherently with the sounding system and the brass dome, the standard bike bell sounds crisp loud and far. The volume can reach to 90-100 db, it is loud enough to alert the passerby and cars.
  • [Corrosion Resistant] - Pure brass material and anti-rust coating provide double efficient corrosion resistance effect making the mountain bike bell long lifetime to use.
  • [Sturdy Base] - The mini bike bells has a thicken ABS plastic base which will not easily break out. It is sturdy enough to securely hold the bell as well as the handlebar.

3. Greallthy Bike Bell, Classic Brass Bicycle Bell

Greallthy Bike Bell Classic Brass Bicycle Bell for Bike Ring Bell with Loud Sound Bells for Road Mountain Bike Handlebars Adults (Bike Handlebar Between 22.2-25.4mm)
  • Small Bell: Fits for bicycles handlebar tube outer diameter with 22.2 - 25.4 mm(0.87 - 1.0 in), the bike bell can be easily installed on the right or left side.
  • Exquisite Bike Bell: Our Bike Bell with exquisite outlook and small size: 3.5 * 2.2 cm(1.37*0.86 inch). Included protective pad to prevent sliding down.
  • Premium-High Quality: Made of premium high brass which is anti-rust and anti-aging. With retro design, high strength springs and light strong alloy bracket make it durable.

4. Sportout Copper Alloy Bike Bell, Classic Bicycle Bell

Sportout Copper Alloy Bike Bell, Classic Bicycle Bell, Loud Sound Bike Ring for Road Bike, Mountain Bike, City Bike, Sports Bike, Cruiser Bike, BMX Bike(1 Pack)
  • ANTI-RUST COATING & OUTSTANDING CRAFT:The copper alloy bike bell is made of high quality copper alloy with anti-rust and anti-aging coating, which offers a long-lasting using. Our bike bell with excellent craft shown exquisite appearance and small size: 2cm~2.5cm(0.8in~1 in)
  • HARD COPPER HAMMER & UNEAQUALED LOUD SOUND:The hard copper hammer combine with internal collision sounding system, Classic Bike Bell brings us a clear, sweet, loud sound. Pedestrians and passing vehicles can clearly hear your ringtone, early warning for our security
  • RETRO DESIGN:"Fashions fade, style is eternal." Our bicycle bell’s retro design makes people feel like they are in the old days. The small and exquisite shape will makes you love it

5. Trail This Cheeseburger Bicycle Fun Bell for MTB Road Cruiser Bikes

Trail This Cheeseburger Bicycle Fun Bell for MTB Road Cruiser Bikes Burger/Hamburger

6. Trigger Bell – Unique Safer Bike Bell Made with Superior Brass

Trigger Bell - Unique Safer Bike Bell Made with Superior Brass - Ring While Braking, Turning and Changing Gear While in Full Control and on All Bikes
  • LOUD RING: To get the loudest ring, please watch the fitting videos on the Trigger Bell website. Your Trigger Bell can be louder than a traditional bell if fitted correctly. You can ring up to 5 times per second without changing your grip. Brass bell for a warmer and clearer tone than cheaper aluminium bells
  • FITS ALL BIKES: Trigger Bell fits on the left handlebar grip and is pinged with your thumb (not your finger). Trigger shifters: Mounted on the right hand side and upside down. Grip shifters: Mounted between the brake and grip.
  • QUESTIONS? We would be delighted to help. Email us a photo of your handlebars and we will send the exact fitting instructions and video you need

7. BONMIXC Bike Bell Brass Mini

BONMIXC Bike Bell Brass Mini Bicycle Bell (2 Pack)
  • [ SUPERIOR QUALITY BRASS ] - The dome of BONMIXC Bike Bell Mini is made of higher quality brass, which creats exclusively fabulous sound. Proud of it.
  • [ UNPARALLELED SOUND ] - Clearer, louder, longer sustained purer tone delivers pleasant warning to pedestrians; brings beautiful melody to your cycling.
  • [ FINE PROCESSING ] - Enhanced glossiness by quality electroplating, featured with anti-oxidation and abrasion resistance. Well polished PP holder without burrs.

Key Things to Know Before Buying Bike Bells

Buying bike bells can be tricky. Many of the designs are very similar, but small differences make one better than another. It’s important to consider what you want from your bike bell before buying it so you don’t get stuck with something that just doesn’t work for you.
Below are some helpful tips on how to buy bike bells:

•Do some research: Find product reviews online, read customer feedback on Amazon or forums to find out about specific bike bells. Most bike bells are pretty similar, but sometimes there will be a bike bell that just isn’t well made.

•Consider style: Some bike bells come in fun colors and patterns; others are more neutral and blend in better with the bike its attached to. Style is a matter of personal preference, but it’s good to consider your options before you make your final decision on what bike bell you should buy.

•Think about durability: Bike bells can get knocked around quite a bit when riding or getting off the bike so consider how sturdy you want your bike bell to be. Hopefully they don’t fall off easily! If they do, pick up some electrical tape or super glue! Then pick one that’s sturdy enough to withstand bike riding.

•Consider size: Think about where you want the bike bell to hang on your bike, and how large it should be so it’s easy to reach while riding. If you are going for a bike bell that is attached to your bike itself then there are several bike bells made specifically for this purpose. Some bike bells like those by Molten Stealth have been specially designed with quick release systems so they can easily come on and off of the bike whenever needed.

Many people consider bike bells optional, but having one can certainly make things easier when you’re out in public or just riding around town! There is always someone who doesn’t pay attention out there, and a bike bell offers cyclists a way to let others know they are coming so they can get out of the way! bike bell is important for peace and safety.

Buying Bike Bells – FAQs

1. What is a bike bell?

Bike bell is a bike accessory that will alert others of your presence. This allows you to warn those around you so they can get out of the way and prevent accidents from occurring. The bike bells are particularly useful when riding in areas where there are bike paths or bike lanes where motorists and pedestrians are using it as well.

2. What bike bells are the best?

You might be asking yourself what bike bells are the best to buy. There are many bike bells on the market, and it is important that you know exactly what kind of bike bell is good for you and your bike.
Some bike bells have more accessories making them more expensive than others while some are suited better for different bikes.

3. How many type of bike bells out there?

Overall bike bells can be classified into two categories: bike handle bar mounted bell, or bicycle seat post mounted bell. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages such as how easy they tend to be seen at all times (handlebar mounted ones may require very different height adjustment). Seat-post mounted bike bells have a disadvantage in that they can’t offer any visibility if bike is parked.

4. What is bike bell headset?

A bike bell headset is a bike handlebar mounted bike bell that will be perfect for most bikes, as it can fit on most bike types and bike handlebars with little to no difficulties. Most bike bells headsets have rubber coating so that they do not scratch up your bike’s finish or paint job. A bike bell seat-post mounted type is similar in function and design as the bike bell headset; both are bicycle seat post mounted bells. The only difference between the two bike bells is which part of the bike they mount onto, making them a more versatile and affordable option due to their low cost.


Bike bells are a great way to increase safety for cyclists and pedestrians. The bike bell is what alerts those around you that you’re coming so they can get out of your way. There are many different kinds of bike bells on the market, but some factors should be taken into consideration when choosing one such as size, color, style, and how loud it rings. When looking at these variables make sure that there’s an option available in your preferred price range with all the features you want or need.

We recommend checking out our guides to help make an informed decision about which bell will best suit your needs and preferences. If we’ve helped in any way please leave us feedback or visit us again soon for more articles like this one!

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