The Best Bike Locks of 2020

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With 6 years of technique securing as well as beating the best bike locks, our experts have actually evaluated 25+ versions. Our 2020 testimonial covers 17 leading locks readily available in 2020. After acquiring each at list price, we review each one, honing in on the layout, capability, and also above all, security. Examining for months at a time, we utilize them every day through all type of weather, from the city to the country. As a final examination, we attempt to reduce these locks loosened utilizing screw cutters, tin snips, and angle grinders to truly see what each can do. Our comprehensive and unbiased evaluation offers honest suggestions and also the most effective referral to maintain your bike secure in one of the most risky part of town.

Top Best Bike Locks 2020

Best Bike Locks

Best Overall – Kryptonite New York City Criterion U-Lock

Kryptonite New York Lock Fahgettaboutit Mini 18mm U-Lock Bicycle Lock , Black
  • 18mm Hardended Max Performance Steel Shackle Resists Hand Tools, Bolt Cutters, and Leverage Attacks
  • Interior Locking Dimensions; 3. 25" x 6"
  • Key Safe Program; Kryptonite will ship your first 2 keys for free, globally, in the event you lose them.

It’s no easy feat, but after a number of years, we still can not find a better lock than the Kryptonite New York City Standard U-Lock Our Editors’ Option racked up high throughout all our screening metrics, and that’s why we awarded the gold medal to this beefy U-Lock that’s as challenging as its namesake city. With this U-Lock, Kryptonite uses a strong theft deterrent, with 16 mm of set steel that we can only damage with two different cuts from the powered angle mill. It even held up against a vehicle jack. A “Gold” ranking from Sold Secure gives you some comfort when locking your bike in metropolitan areas.

It should be not a surprise that something that can hold up against a vehicle jack evaluates a substantial quantity. However, it does come with a framework install that makes it hassle-free to carry while you’re travelling or travelling. The version has to do with as easy to use as any type of U-lock and wide sufficient to fit around both wheels, the structure, and a basic bike shelf as long as you remove your front wheel. Kryptonite even uses burglary security policies and also an essential substitute program for this lock, if your lock is swiped of you lose the keys it features (make certain to register your tricks after you buy it). We’re impressed with Kryptonite for continuing to provide a flexible, burly, and also easy to use premium bike lock.

Best Value – Kryptonite Evolution Mini-7 U-Lock.

Kryptonite Evolution Mini-7 Bicycle U-Lock w/ 4’ KryptoFlex Double Loop Cable
  • 13mm hardened MAX-PERFORMANCE STEEL SHACKLE resists bolt cutters and leverage attacks
  • Includes 4’ KRYPTOFLEX DOUBLE LOOP CABLE for securing front wheel or accessories
  • Reinforced CUFF OVER CROSSBAR and cylinder for added security

Our Finest Buy Award goes to a lock that provides tool safety and security and also an entry-level cost: the Kryptonite Evolution Mini-7 U-Lock. A part of its beauty is its accessory: unlike other U-Locks in this review, this set includes a four-foot cable television that can get to around both wheels. While we don’t believe cord locks are extremely safe on their own, a wire As Well As a U-Lock can be an effective combination. We also appreciated the frame place, which provides a very easy service to bring the lock. A burglar will certainly need 2 cuts with an angle mill to get through this lock as well, which is greater than numerous other U-lock and cord combinations out there.

Being a U-lock and a cable, this item is a little bit cumbersome to bring around. You’ll most likely need to tuck away the cable in your pack or pannier, while the lock can ride on-frame with its mount. And also while it provides a rather strong deterrent, it’s not as thick and also beefy as some of the higher-security U-locks we examined. If you don’t stay in a risky location, we believe this lock offers some of the very best efficiency per dollar.

Kryptonite Kryptolok Standard

Kryptonite Evolution Mini-7 Bike U-Lock with Cable, Heavy Duty Anti-Theft Bicycle U Lock, 13mm Shackle and 10mm x4ft Length Security Cable with Mounting Bracket and Keys
  • 3mm Hardened Max Performance Steel Shackle Resists Hand Tools, Bolt Cutters, and Leverage Attacks; 10mm Steel Looped Cable For Additional Security
  • Interior Locking Dimensions: 3.25" x 7" Cable Length: 4'
  • Key Safe Program; Kryptonite will ship your first 2 keys for free, globally, in the event you lose them

Despite the fact that we still assume that the Kryptonite Development Mini-7-U-Lock is the absolute bomb, we recognize that costs much less is always wonderful. For those of you trying to find a quality U-Lock on a smaller sized budget plan, we suggest the Kryptonite Kryptolok Standard. Like the Advancement, this U-lock includes a cable so you can cover your front wheel and/or your seat message if required. What truly captured our eye regarding this lock was its safety. Compared to various other locks at this cost factor, the Krytolok blew the competition out of the water. With 13 mm hardened steel, the U as well as the shackle could not be beat by our hand tool armada. Various other U-locks at this rate point focus on the U part of the lock, leaving the shackle as a vulnerability (significance: if a thief puncture the irons, they can defeat the lock in a solitary cut.) The Kryptolok, however, is strong in both parts, meaning it would take a burglar a minimum of 2 cuts to defeat this lock.

Its downside is that we discovered the securing mechanism to get sticky more readily than various other locks. It was frustrating sometimes, yet after some cleansing and lubrication, it works accurately. It’s just not as smooth as other, higher-end locks. Our testers also continue to wish Kryptonite would certainly dedicate to designing a more easy to use frame mount for their U-locks. We assume you’ll want to give this lock a second look if you need the safety of a U-lock without the hefty cost.

Hiplok Original: Superbright

Hiplok Lite V 1.0 Chain Lock (Black/Cyan)
  • The Hiplok is the world's first bicycle lock developed specifically to be worn on the body, seriously strong with a hardened steel chain at its core
  • Hiploks are fully adjustable - one size fits 26" to 44" waist, The padlock uses a hardened shackle resistant to bolt croppers and hacksaw attacks
  • With Hiplok there's no need to attach or hang a lock to your bike, meaning you don't spoil the clean lines of your machine, or scratch your frame

Love the idea of a reliable bike lock, yet hate the fact of bring one around with you? The Hiplok Original: Superbright is our Leading Select for Travelling for innovating around methods to deliver a lock. Hiplok took a beefy, 8mm solidified steel chain two feet long as well as place a nylon sheath around it (an information we liked since that means the lock won’t scratch up the paint work on your frame.) Next off, they engineered a lock with an added metal bar that acts as a clasp. A swath of Velcro goes through the buckle after that folds up back on itself, producing an adjustable and comfy design that you put on like a low belt. Last but not least, the Superbright lock has a thick reflective strip on the outside of the nylon cover, since when you’re riding, you can never ever be as well noticeable to drivers. The day-to-day travelling cyclist will most likely value this lock one of the most.

Recreational riders and those riding for fitness might desire something that’s even more light-weight. As well as if you do not lug this item on your individual, it does really feel much heavier in a pack or messenger back. It’s additionally on the expensive side of bike locks, yet it still surpasses various other competitors in the wearable lock classification. If this kind of lock sounds like something you might like trying, remember that using something around your waistline while riding can really feel type of constrictive to some. But, for a lock this beefy, it’s our testers’ favored for daily commutes.

ABUS Chain Lock 1200 Internet

ABUS 1385 Tresor Combo Chain Lock, 85cm Length/7mm Diameter Square, Black
  • 7mm square temper hardened steel chain
  • Pinned fabric sleeve prevents damage to paint job
  • Two-component molded digits guarantee you'll always be able to read combination numbers

If you’re on the market for a bike lock that will certainly work in high-risk locations like an university school, avoid the ABUS Chain Lock 1200 Internet. However, if you just require a very little deterrent that’s likewise simple to carry and to make use of, then there’s something to be claimed for this chain lock. At less than a half a pound, you’ll hardly notice it, whether it remains in your jersey pocket, in a bag, or twisted around your seat blog post. We wrapped it around the seat posts of both grown-up as well as kids’s bikes, as well as in either case, our testers barely saw it existed. Its straightforward combo-opening feature implies you don’t require to lug about a secret, either.

This lock won’t quit an identified thief. Its use is limited to a minute or more out of sight in metropolitan areas, if that. However in low-security locations where there aren’t tools-toting thieves around the corner, this ABUS Chain Lock might be all you need. It’s not super big, however if you’re looking for a light-weight lock that’s simple to carry about and does not cost a fortune, the ABUS 1200 is just for you and also your (low-cost) bike.

Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Chain and Disc Lock

Kryptonite New York FAHGETTABOUDIT 1415 14mm Chain & New York Lock 15mm Disc Lock , Black
  • 14mm six-sided chain links made of 3t HARDENED MANGANESE STEEL for ultimate strength
  • Durable, protective nylon cover with hook-n-loop fasteners to hold in place
  • Includes maximum security New York Disc Lock with 15mm MAX-PERFORMANCE STEEL SHACKLE

Sufficient with the fluff, you state: reveal me the big guns. If you’re trying to find a practical lock that is all about safety and security (visual and also physical), the Kryptonite New York City Fahgettaboudit Chain as well as Disc Lock is what you’re trying to find. This is the lock you desire if you’re parking your bike for a prolonged time period or overnight (in some locations). If you lock up in the exact same location daily, you can leave this lock on the rack while you’re away (as enabled). There isn’t a bike lock out there that can’t be ruined, however the Fahgettabouit Chain and also Disc Lock calls for specialized devices as well as a fair bit of time to cut through … in other words, this lock takes on only one of the most dedicated thieves.

But, prior to you run to your closest exterior retailer, allow’s be clear about the truth of this lock: it’s expensive, bulky, and evaluates over 15 extra pounds, so you will not be eager to transport it around community. Due to the fact that it lacks any nylon sheath, the chain likewise chips the paint off your frame, so if you such as to maintain your wheels looking glossy and also rather new, you must possibly find something else to lock your bike with. Daily journeys with an added 15 pounds aren’t enjoyable, either, and also we urge you to explore lighter weight choices that will make commuting with the lock less of a drag. Nonetheless, if you lock your bike outside as well as unattended for long periods, this lock supplies more powerful guarantee than a lot of that your wheels will be there when you return.

Why You Must Count on United States

We set up a group of professionals to pick apart these locks. Our lead tester, Rebecca Eckland is a previous USAC Feline 3 Roadway bike racer, winner of the 600-mile The Golden State Three-way Crown Phase race, and is a long time cyclist in everything from competing to commuting. She’s passionate concerning her bikes and thinks that having a bike swiped is nearly the most awful point that can occur to an individual. She’s also worked in bike shops and has actually seen all type of locks firsthand. Based out of Reno, NV, Rebecca practically survives her bike, for training, commuting, and also enjoyable.

Our team additionally includes Ross Robinson, is a dedicated bike commuter who has actually been securing with chains, folding designs, wires (as an additional lock), as well as U-locks for 12+ years. Having a passion in testing gear to its restriction, Ross has actually invested over 200 hours investigating bike locks (and bike burglars) in addition to hands-on evaluating as well as straight experimenting with means to defeat them. Rylee Sweeney rounds out our major testing group, who concerns us with a history in bike touring throughout the US, where bike protection is virtually as vital as food and also water. Between these 3 testers, we have actually had our cumulative hands on over 50 versions of locks, as well as have complied with fads as well as technologies over the last two decades.

We began our screening process by learning just how these various bike locks execute in-transit. We pushed them in panniers, bungeed them on trailers, carried them in backpacks or cam bags, mounted brackets to store them on the framework, wore them around our waistlines, packed them right into satchels, and also lugged them in bike baskets. We rode all the areas you would– the workplace, a regional coffeehouse or tavern, the library, a college campus, a bike store, a food store in a strip mall.

Best Bike Locks

Connected: How We Evaluated Bike Locks

In the last phase of screening, we ended up being bike thieves. Utilizing devices typical to bike thieves, we did our finest to damage or cut through each lock by incorporating brute strength, resourcefulness, and, when that stopped working, modern technology. Last, we took out a power device as well as cut through each version with an electric angle grinder to see the length of time it took and also the number of cuts were necessary to release the bike from the lock. Bike protection ain’t seriously, so we bought, made use of, as well as damaged each and every single lock in this review to leave no corner unturned.

Evaluation and also Examination Results

We developed this review around four central features that define a beneficial bike lock: safety, simplicity of transportation, ease of use as well as convenience. Protection is the most important of these 4– but, if a lock considers a whole lot or is bothersome, are you actually going to utilize it? That’s where the remainder of the criteria enter into play. Each efficiency metric’s score is heavy according to its value.


We dislike to claim it, but the cost of a bike lock price has a tendency to associate straight with top quality. Top quality, in this situation, implies the amount of time it will take for a burglar to (worst instance scenario) puncture or (ideal instance scenario) doubt their roi in swiping your bike. As it turns out, bike burglars and the rest of us have something in common: none of us wishes to go to jail, therefore they are motivated to steal bikes that are: 1) not locked effectively or sufficiently, or 2) if the bike is worth the risk.

The Editors’ Choice Kryptonite New York Requirement U-Lock is not low-cost, yet it surpassed all the others, consisting of locks costing a lot more. We consider it a good value for those seeking solid security. For tighter budgets, less risky areas or much less extravagant trips, our Finest Buy Honor winners may fit the costs. The Kryptonite Development Mini-7 U-Lock can be found in considerably less than the New York Standard. It provides really strong bang for the buck, executing dramatically much better than standard in our tests, while still being relatively affordable.

The Kryptolok Requirement is much more budget-friendly, just designed with a little less finesse. While we usually suggest our friends explore even more low-cost choices in other equipment classifications, we really think that your lock is where you need to aim to conserve a lot of cash. Invest a bit much more currently to with any luck avoid investing a great deal on a new bike later on.


Lock suppliers don’t share the same safety score criteria. Neither do independent security testing companies, like Sold Secure, that are popular referrals right here in the States. The reality that these safety criteria aren’t standardized can make it hard to remove exactly what a specific score means. Sold Secure is an independent, not-for-profit profession association that uses a small military of expert locksmiths to assess the security of different securing devices and mechanisms.

Products are after that rated based on their performance during the lock-cracking examinations. Various other organizations, such as VdS (a German independent screening organization for protection and also fire protection) as well as the Structure ART (a team of Dutch companies teaming together to stop burglary of two-wheeled vehicles), additionally submit items to strenuous professional-grade examinations and also price them according to their efficiency. These organizations have no connections to manufacturers as well as are well-respected as holding a high standard of testing on numerous items, including bike locks.

For the majority of cyclists, protection is the most crucial factor to consider when picking a lock (that makes sense– why else would certainly you be purchasing a bike lock if you weren’t worried concerning the security of your bike?) That being stated, we spent a lot of time in testing the protection of each lock included in this review. We first assessed each lock’s weak point and then struck it.

After that, we tried alternative strikes on a lock’s honesty to see to it we were not missing out on any vital weak points. We made use of devices typically employed by bike burglars in an attempt to compromise each lock and also make away with the bicycle. We began with hand devices, consisting of tin snips, a hammer, a hacksaw, as well as bolt cutters, after that switched over to an electric hacksaw, angle mill, a cordless drill and also even a vehicle jack (because, yes, burglars also make use of those).

With the right devices and also sufficient time, all locks can be defeated, and also it doesn’t take a brilliant or a big beefy human to do it. A high rating for security stands for the degree of burglary prevention, yet it’s not an assurance of safety for your bike. To day, that ensure doesn’t exist. In words of a skeptical bicyclist: “if you assume this lock is so excellent, why don’t you take your race bike down to the college university, lock it up, leave it overnight and also see if it’s there in the morning?” That’s never an excellent suggestion since also the highest possible safety lock breaks within mins, not within hrs.

The hope is that those added minutes are long sufficient for a person will see the sparks flying as well as the evil smell of burning metal as well as stop the theft from taking place. In a globe where vehicle alarm systems don’t create much alarm system, though, let’s be actual regarding what you can expect out of a bike lock.

The Kryptonite New york city designs racked up the highest of all the locks in this evaluation in the safety metric. The Criterion U-lock, Fahgettaboudit Chain as well as Disc Lock, and Fahgettaboudit Mini proved to be a few of the hardest locks to break. These versions have actually solidified steel bars ranging 14 mm to 18 mm that withstood strikes from all our hand-powered tools without flinching, consisting of a 36″ bolt cutter. When it concerned the angle grinder, each of these locks took the longest to cut with entirely (nearly a min of hard-core, sparks-flying slicing).

In addition, for these locks, one cut had not been sufficient. As a result of their properly designed dual locking mechanisms, they required us to do 2 separate cuts on the U bar of each lock to free the bike, doubling the vacation time. It would certainly take thief at the very least one as well as a fifty percent mins of stimulates a-flying to endanger among these locks. The ABUS Granit X-Plus 540 likewise needed two cuts from the angle grinder before launching the bike framework, as did the Kryptonite Evolution Mini-7.

The more economical Kryptonite Kryptolok Criterion also did very well in this sector for a budget plan U-lock. Most locks at this rate factor compromise the protection of the lock by not including strong products to the irons of the locks. In this, the Kryptolok shone; it is incredibly stronger than the OnGuard Bulldog and Via Velo U-locks, a lot so that this is a major reason why we provided the lock a Best Buy on a Tight Budget Plan Award. We also such as that it called for two cuts at any point on the lock to defeat it. A twin lock mechanism like this is less usual in this cost array.

The other U-locks we examined also stood up to all hand device strikes but only called for a single cut from the electrical angle grinder to come to be jeopardized, which is why they earned lower protection ratings. Each of these locks took approximately 25-40 seconds to cut. No amount of hammer slamming, hacksawing, or screw cutting could beat them. The same goes with the Hiplok chain and also locking mechanism.

Certainly, the cable televisions going along with the Kryptonite Evolution, Kryptonite Kryptolok FLEX, OnGuard Bulldog DT, as well as Via Velo locks were defeated by many hand tools in our collection. As a rule of thumb, cable locks should never ever be used by themselves to safeguard a frame, but when they are coupled with an additional lock (like a U-Lock), they boost a lock’s versatility by protecting more elements.

Final thought

Buying a lock is essential for basically every bikers, particularly those that utilize their bikes as their key (or) method of transport. Shedding your bike to a damaged or inadequate lock is probably about the worst point that can occur, so we desire you to locate the lock that matches your scenario as well as is easy to use. Think of what you desire, where you lock your bike, and also what level of trouble you are prepared to handle, and pair those considerations with the locks described right here.

Your choice relies on a handful of aspects differing from whether you are looking for the greatest lock on the market, the most hassle-free for fast quits or if you desire a lock that is light as well as very easy to lug about. We wish this evaluation clarifies this sometimes challenging product to make sure that you can decide that’s the best for you and also your bike.

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