[Top 5] Best Bike Racks for 4 Bikes Reviews & Buying Guides

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The 2021 Summer is coming soon, and you and your family members just want one thing: to go out for vacation. But not without your nice bike! to bring the bikes with you, a bicycle rack is essential and the most practical and the safest of all is the one on a hitch. If you just have 1 bike, the task seems to be easy. but if you have 4 bikes, you must need a unique bike rack that can keep all of bike safety. If you are one of the 9 million cycling enthusiasts or the 4%, this guide has been specially formulated for you! I will show you best bike rack for 4 bikes.

I’ll list you all models you need to find out about auto bike racks and also help you locate an efficient and also pain-free bike transport option that fits your car flawlessly, firmly transports the bikes, and within your budget.

Top 5 Bike Racks for 4 Bikes You May Consider for Buying in 2021

1. Allen Sports 4-Bike Hitch Racks for 2 in. Hitch

Allen Sports unisex-adult Deluxe 4-Bike Hitch Mount Rack, Model 542RR-R Black 2-Inch Receiver
  • 4 bike rack fits vehicles with a 2 inch trailer hitch only. Vehicle will require professionally installed Class III or IV 2 inches hitch to use this product
  • 22 inch long carry arms individually secure bicycles with Allen's patented tie down system
  • Rack sets up and installs in less than 5 minutes; Included no wobble bolt secures rack inside of receiver hitch with a movement free installation

2. Hollywood Racks Destination 2-4 Bikes Platform Hitch Mount Bike Rack

Hollywood Racks Destination 4 Bike Hitch Rack
  • Securely transport up to 4 bikes (max load 35lbs per bike) with this lightweight platform hitch carrier. Includes locking threaded hitch pin.
  • Each bicycle sits in a movable wheel tray and uses Ratchet straps to secure the wheels. The adjustable centre post has a sliding and rotating attachment cradle that is used to secure the bikes frame
  • Folds up flat against the car when not in use. Ideal for storage or when parking in a garage

3. IKURAM 4 Bike Rack Bicycle Carrier Racks Hitch Mount Double Foldable Rack for Cars

IKURAM 4 Bike Rack Bicycle Carrier Racks Hitch Mount Double Foldable Rack for Cars, Trucks, SUV's and minivans with a 2" Hitch Receiver
  • 🎄【Rigid All Steel Constructed Bike Hitch Rack】: Long-lasting and durable all steel construction with protective powder paint finish
  • 🎄【Dual-Arm Mounting Design】: Optimized dual-arm bike carrier rack which spacing accommodates bicycles of a wide range of frame sizes and designs, more stable and easily accommodates up to 4 bikes.
  • 🎄【Easy Tilt-Down Access】:Convenient access to rear of vehicle with easy-to-use tilt-down feature

4. Venzo 4 Bike Bicycle Platform Style Carrier 

Venzo 4 Bike Bicycle Platform Style Carrier - Bike Rack for Car SUV Truck Tow Trailer Hitch Receiver Mount Size 2" - Sturdy & Rust Proof
  • EXTRA HEAVY DUTY: Safety is the 1st priority. The rack passed the most strict tests which include driving, pulling, vibration and swinging tests. TUV Test Standard PASSED: With 1.5 times of max load weight, no bending or cracks after testing. ( NOT for RV )
  • PLATFORM CARRIER: Much Easier to put your bicycles on than clamp holder, and compatible with all kind of bicycles. The bike is securely sitting in the tire holders, so no heavy load on the top tube compared with other carriers. No more swinging handlebar and spinning wheels which may cause scratches on car or bike.
  • ADJUSTABLE FOAM PROTECTOR: There's an adjustable foam protector to prevent scratching or hitting of bicycles.

5. Allen Sports Deluxe 4-Bike Trunk Mount Rack

Allen Sports Deluxe 4-Bike Trunk Mount Rack, Model 104DB-R , Black
  • Fits most sedans, hatchbacks, minivans and SUV's
  • Single configuration design eliminates headaches during set up and installation
  • Patented tie down system individually secures bicycles


Allen Sports Premier 3-Bike Trunk Rack, Model S103
  • Patent pending design fits sedans, hatchbacks, minivans and SUV's; Consult manufacturer web site for specific vehicle fit information
  • Patented quick snap set up design allow for super quick set up right out of the box
  • 16 inches long carry arms easily accommodate up to 3 bicycles (100 pounds max capacity)


How to choose Bike Rack

Using bike racks is both a practical and affordable solution for transporting your bikes on a trip. For this purpose, it is important to choose the racks carefully in order to find the best model suited to your needs for a successful investment. Below are some main criterias you may consider before buying bike racks.

A. The number of bicycles to transport
Before choosing bike racks, make sure that it is able to accommodate the number of bikes you plan to transport whether they are adult bikes, children’s bikes, electric bike or mountain bike.

B. The weight of your bikes
Once you have determined how many bikes to transport, determine their weight so you know which hitch bike rack will be able to handle that load.

C. The maximum weight authorized by the coupling
Now that you know how many bikes you plan to carry, all you have to do now is pickup a bike rack that can handle their weight.

D. The Safety
Most hitch bike rack are equipped with an anti-theft system. some can be locked to the hitch while others have a bicycle lock system on the device. In any case, it’s up to you to decide which anti-theft system works best for you. If the model you have chosen does not have an anti-theft device, you should buy one.

E. Practicality
If your bikes are electric, opt for a platform-type bike carrier. To give you easy access to the trunk of your car, choose a folding or tilting platform which also offers the advantage of supporting heavier loads than bicycle rack systems directly attached to the towing ball.

Some Popular Questions:

Do you want to carry anything else besides the bikes?

If you intend to lug anything else in addition to your bikes, such as skis, surfboards, paddleboards, etc., you should think about getting an extra functional transportation system than a straightforward bike shelf. You’re likely to need some kind of a cargo box.

What type of vehicle are you driving?

Among one of the most essential points when choosing a bike rack is to obtain one that fits your kind of lorry. There are specific styles of auto shelfs that fit hatchbacks, cars, cars, SUVs, as well as pickup trucks.

The majority of suppliers have straightforward overviews that let you find out what kind of rack will be suitable for your details circumstance.

What devices does your car included?

Does your automobile have roof bars? You require those in order to install a roof shelf. Do you have a trailer drawback? If of course, what dimension is it? Hitch auto racks use these to affix to your auto.

If you drive an SUV, do you keep your spare tire on the inside or on the outside of the auto? If the latter holds true, you need an unique auto bike shelf that affixes to the spare tire.

Type of Bike Racks

As you may see, there are many different types of bike racks on the market today. However, all of these can be separated into these classifications:

Hanging Rack

With this type, the bike’s top tube is held in special cradles attached to the tow arms. Popular kinds of hanging shelfs include drawback, trunk, and also spare tire racks. They’re most suitable for hardtail mountain bikes as well as road bikes.
Tray-Style Racks This type comes with a specifically designed tray on which you can place the bike. Apart from the tray, bikes are likewise secured with an arm that clams the structure or one of the tires. Some tray-style racks additionally need you to remove the front wheel and secure the fork.

Right here’s a more comprehensive review of private kinds of vehicle bike racks, together with their pros and cons as well as ideal usages.

Hitch Racks

Hitch shelfs mount on the trailer drawback at the rear of your vehicle. The accessory is available in two dimensions– 2 in. as well as 1 1/4 in.– so it is necessary to learn what type of hitch receiver your cars and truck has.

Allen Sports Premier Locking Quick Release 5-Bike Carrier for 2 in. Hitch, Model QR555
  • Quick install locking hitch insert fits 2 inches; Receiver hitches; includes 2 keys
  • Quick set carry arms snap into place and fold out of the way when not in use
  • Dual compound tie down cradles & quick set straps individually secure and protect bicycles

Hitch vehicle racks are usually the most pricey ones, yet they safeguard bikes very well and offer you lots of accessory choices. They’re offered in both tray-style and also hanging style alternatives, so you can deliver any kind of bike with them.

One more advantage of hitch shelfs is that they are extremely easy to set up and also don’t require you to lift your bike expensive to install it, unlike roofing system racks. Some models likewise turn backwards or turn sideways to permit you to access your trunk.

This bike shelf style is best for hatchbacks, vans, and SUVs, but for any various other vehicle with excellent ground clearance.



Easy to install on the car High price point
Easy to mount and dismount the bike Low ground clearance on some models
Available in different styles
Good bicycle support and security

Roof Rack

Roofing racks are tray-style shelfs that take place top of your car as well as attach to your vehicle’s roofing crossbars. They’re an outstanding selection for people with non-traditional bike frame layouts, such as step-through bikes, full-suspension, folding, and so forth.

MaxxHaul 46" x 36" x 4-1/2" - 150 lb. Capacity - NOT Assembled 70115 Steel Roof Rack
  • Instant cargo space for vehicle with cross bars
  • Easy to assemble and install (assembly and mounting hardware are included)
  • Attaches to most cross bars with easy to use U-bolts for simple installation

Some roofing shelfs permit you to mount the bike by strapping both wheels, whereas others require you to eliminate the front wheel as well as connect the bike by the fork as well as the rear wheel.

Roofing racks are easy to mount, yet they add a great deal of elevation to your lorry, which can be a large obstacle in some scenarios.

If you’re a brief individual or you’re not really solid literally, you might have a hard time to raise your bike as well as place it in place. For that reason, roof covering racks are best for cars and also other reduced vehicles that don’t need you to get on ladders to reach the roofing system.

Maintain in mind that roofing system shelfs lower your gas mileage considering that they produce a lot of drag.

Trunk Mount Rack

Trunk racks, likewise called back shelfs, attach to the trunk of your vehicle. They are a perfect option for users whose lorries do not have a drawback receiver or roof crossbars.

Trunk shelfs are typically the most inexpensive choice available, they’re suitable for a lot of kinds of automobiles, don’t increase the height of the automobile, and also do not impact the gas mileage.

Most of situations, rear shelfs include hanging style mounts. They’re only suitable for typically mounted bikes. Additionally, some versions don’t do an excellent job of protecting against the bikes from turning into each other.

A few various other points you require to consider is that trunk shelfs can be made complex to place. They include bands as well as hooks that need to be precisely positioned as well as tightened up to prevent swinging as well as swaying.

They additionally avoid you from accessing your trunk. To lift the trunk door, you ‘d have to take the bikes off.

Nonetheless, they are cheap, useful, as well as flexible, which is why a lot of people use them.

Truck Bed Racks.

If you have a pickup, your ideal option to move several bikes is to get a truck bed shelf. A vehicle bed shelf generally consists of special rails or support bars that can be fitted inside your truck bed to anchor bikes in place.

Racor - PBS-2R, Bike Stand Garage, 2 Bikes
  • Customizable - Assemble racking to store bike in same or opposite directions
  • Stable - Resin feet keep the stand in place and protect your floor
  • Durable - Epoxy coated steel base and support arms for long-term use

Relying on the size of your car, you can usually bring in between 1 as well as 4 bikes, with some uncommon models having space for five mounts.

The bikes are normally installed by locking the front wheel in place, but there are also some designs with fork installs.

Vehicle bed racks function best with open bed vehicles, however they can also be affixed to some cars with tall truck caps.

Truck Tailgate Pads

In addition to truck bed racks, truck drivers have an additional option to think about– truck tailgate pads. Basically, this is a soft pad with straps that covers the tailgate and also allows you to hang the front wheel over it.

  • Tailgate Cover can help shuttle your whole crew while protecting your bikes and pickup from dings and scratches.;
  • Premium padded tailgate protection
  • Flap for easy access to tailgate handle

This setting of transportation is most ideal for mountain bikes, but various other types of bicycles can be transported this way too.

One of the major advantages of tailgate pads is that they permit you to lug approximately 5 bikes at the same time. The installation procedure is as simple as it gets and installing and also dismounting the bikes is a wind.

One of the downsides is that this isn’t the most safe option. Bikes could turn into each other and scrape the paint or get damaged in various other methods throughout transport.

Spare Tire Shelfs

Numerous SUVs have spare tires mounted on the back of the lorry. That makes it difficult to attach drawback shelfs or trunk shelfs. Thankfully, that’s what spare tire shelfs are for.

MAXXHAUL 70214 Powder Coat Black Trailer Spare Tire Carrier
  • Holds 4-lug (4 on 4" bolt pattern) and 5-lug (5 on 4-1/2" bolt pattern) trailer wheels and not compatible with 5 on 4-3/4" or 5 on 5" bolt pattern
  • Mounts on trailer tongues up to 3 inch wide and 5 inch high
  • Angled and raised mount design makes this ideal for boat trailers as well

These shelfs bolt straight to the spare wheel with the help of a special adapter. They’re normally reduced priced, very easy to mount and also utilize, and also secure your extra tire to the auto.

Spare tire shelfs normally take only up to two bikes, so they’re not an excellent choice if you plan to transport even more bikes than that. If you have a low number of bikes as well as an outer extra tire, this is the finest option you have.

Suction Mug Bike Racks

Suction mug bike racks are a somewhat unusual and a not very usual option. This design uses specifically developed vacuum suction cups that affix to the top of your automobile.

ROCK BROS Suction Cup Bike Rack for Car Roof Top Sucker Bike Rack Quick Release Aluminium Alloy Bike Carrier with Sucker for 1 Bike
  • UNIVERSAL RACK : This suction cup bike rack can be used with many vehicles like sedans, coupes, hatchbacks, SUV, vans, and more. Meets your need to transport your bikes during road trips or camping excursions.
  • STURDY&SECURE: The aluminum alloy body is sturdy enough to hold your bike. Rubber sucker protect your car paint from scratches. Comes with the strap for fixing the crank to avoid it scratch your vehicle.
  • EASY TO USE : The suction cup system was easy operation, quick release clamp for the front fork installing. It only takes you a few minutes to install it following the instructions or the installation video.

You end up with something that works as a roofing system rack, without the need of mounting roof bars on your automobile. Suction mug bike shelfs are normally utilized by owners of cars with a restricted roofing area.

If installed appropriately and meticulously, suction mug bike racks are rather safe as well as can carry a great deal of weight. They normally enable you to mount as well as move simply one bike at a time.


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