Best 10 Mountain Bike Knee Pads Reviews, Tips & Guides

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The world of mountain biking is a beautiful and exhilarating one. Whether you’re riding in the mountains, on a trail or just around town, it can be an amazing experience that will take your breath away. The only thing that might stand between you and this wonderful sport is some protective gear to keep you safe and comfortable while you ride. Luckily, there are many options available when it comes to knee pads; from foam pads to gel-filled ones with straps or without.

Everybody that has had a high impact collision during mountain biking can completely appreciate the significance of quality knee pads. While it is a no-brainer that they are needed it is not quite so simple to locate the ideal ones for each and every individual rider.

To make the search much easier we have developed a listing of the best available knee pads and some insider information on how to choose in between them.

Top 10 Best Mountain Bike Knee Pads

SaleBestseller No. 1
G-Form Pro X2 Knee Pad (1 Pair), Black Logo, Adult Medium
  • Perfect fit: Featuring SmartFlex: Flexible as you Ride. Hardens on Impact
  • Exceptional impact protection: Body-mapped impact-absorbing SmartFlex pads
  • Comfort and breathability: Moisture-wicking, UPF 50+ compression fabric keeps wearer dry and comfortable
SaleBestseller No. 2
Fox Racing Enduro Mountain Bike Knee Sleeve, Black/Grey, Medium
  • Pedal friendly, lightweight slip on knee pads perfect for all mountain and trail riding.
  • Perforated neoprene on the outside fo the arm and stretch material on the back
  • Multi fabric construction provides a perfect fit, keeps you cool and dry and prevents the guards from slipping down mid ride
Bestseller No. 3
Fox Racing Launch D3O Mountain Bike Knee/Shin Guards, Large
  • LAUNCH D30 KNEE/SHIN GUARD: The Launch D3O Knee/Shin pad offers an excellent combination of full-length impact-absorbing protection with a value-focused build.
  • D30: The CE certified D3O insert works seamlessly with the slip-on design to provide all-day comfort and confidence.
  • NONSLIP: Slip-on fit with hook and loop adjuster
SaleBestseller No. 4
Fox Racing Launch Pro D3O Mountain Bike Knee Guard, Black, Medium
  • LAUNCH PRO D30 KNEE GUARD: The Launch Pro D3O Knee Guards leverage our relationship with D3O and combines that technology with a removable hard cap for bulletproof durability and top tier mountain bike performance.
  • D30: The D3O CE certified build allows the MTB knee guard to stay flexible for ease of movement and comfort, but upon impact, they instantly harden to dissipate the force of the crash.
  • ALL DAY COMFORT: The Launch Pro D3O Knee Guards have a breathable, moisture wicking construction for all day comfort.
SaleBestseller No. 5
G-Form Pro-Rugged Knee Pad, Adult Medium
  • ULTIMATE PROTECTION: Body-mapped impact absorbing SmartFlex pads react to absorb the impact and protect
  • DURABLE: Armortex technology adds durability to these pads and resists tearing or catching
  • ADJUSTABLE FIT: Adjustable fit strap provides customized comfort and security
Bestseller No. 6
POC Joint VPD Air Knee Pad, Uranium Black, Medium
  • PROTECT: Lightweight and impact absorbing VPD compound
  • COMFORT: Reinforced stretch fabric
  • TOUGH: Crash retention strap (CRS) for a comfortable fit
Bestseller No. 7
Demon Enduro Mountain Bike Knee Pads|BMX Knee Guards|Snowboard Knee Pads- Ultralight Edition (Comes as a Pair) (LRG)
  • SIZES RUN SMALL- ORDER NEXT SIZE UP IF YOUR MEASURMENTS ARE CLOSE******Demon Enduro Mountain Bike Knee Pads|BMX Knee Guards|Snowboard Knee Pads- Ultralight Edition (Comes as a Pair)
  • The NEW Demon Enduro Knee Pads are quality, breathable and slim. Designed to fit under any pant (if needed) these pads will keep you safe without breaking your wallet.
  • Ventilated Neoprene material that allows for plenty of airflow.
SaleBestseller No. 8
Fox Racing Launch Pro D3O Mountain Bike Knee Guard, Medium
  • LAUNCH D30 KNEE GUARDS: The Launch D3O Knee Guards offer an excellent combination of impact-absorbing protection with a value-focused build
  • D30: The CE certified D3O insert works seamlessly with the slip-on design to provide all-day comfort and confidence.
  • NONSLIP: Slip-on fit with hook and loop adjuster
SaleBestseller No. 9
7iDP Transition Knee Pads for Mountain Biking and Action Sports, Black, Medium (7006-05-530)
  • A low profile, slip-on knee pad for mountain biking that provides crash protection when you need it but doesn't get in the way when you don't
  • Double layer, impact reactive foam offers crash protection in a minimalist package without bulk and unnecessary weight
  • Internal silicone strips combined with a compression fit mean the pads form closely around the upper thigh and upper calf giving a consistent non-slip fit
Bestseller No. 10
Mongoose Switchback Trail Adult Mountain Bike, 21 Speeds, 27.5-Inch Wheels, Mens Aluminum Large Frame,Neon Green
  • Trail ready alloy mountain frame with SR Suntour XC-E28 suspension fork. Fits riders 5’4” to 6’2” tall.
  • 21-speed shifters and derailleurs provide quick, precise gear changes.
  • Front and rear disc brakes deliver crisp, all-condition stopping.

How to buy Mountain Bike Knee Pads

If you are looking for Mountain Bike Knee Pads, there are a few things you need to know before going out and buying Mountain Bike Knee pads. First of all what do Mountain Bike Knee Pads do? Mountain Bike knee pads absorb shock when you ride your bike over rough terrain like rocks or tree roots. They also protect the underside of your knees from abrasion and scrapes when your biking down hills. Some Mountain Bike Knee Pads have straps around the pad that connect together using Velcro so they don’t slip down while you’re riding. Others are designed so that the hard shell is on the outside and soft padding on the inside so it’s comfortable against your skin which makes these popular among bikers who like to wear Mountain Bike Shorts. Mountain Bike Knee Pads also help keep your Mountain Bike shorts from getting dirty and they make you look like a pro when riding which is something every Mountain Bike Rider wants.

You need to remember Mountain Bike Knee Pads are not Mountain Bike knee brace. There is a difference between protective pads and knee braces. A lot of people think Mountain Bike Knee Braces fit over the top of your Mountain Bike leg pad but they don’t. You need Mountain bike knee pads that fit under your biking shorts or pants not on top of them, so if you want knee pads for cycling you should get bike knee pads first then add a pair of Mountain bike leg braces later after you know what size to order. Mountain Bike Knee Pads come in a variety of styles.

Mountain Bike Knee Pads with Velcro straps are the most popular Mountain bike knee pads because they stay on best when riding over rough terrain. Mountain Bike Knee Pads that don’t have straps are made to fit under Mountain Bike Shorts and Mountain Bike pants but they often ride down making it difficult to peddle without stopping to adjust them. Mountain Bike Knee Pad fans say if you’re looking for MountainBike knee pads, buy one set of each type – ones with straps and those without so you can use the pair that stays on best while riding. Mountain bike shorts also need Mountain Bike leg braces sometimes called cycling sleeves or cycling support sleeves.

This is especially true if Mountain biking is new to you. Mountain Bike leg braces are Mountain Bike knee braces with Velcro straps that wrap around your Mountain bike leg for added support and protection on the front of your knees and shins when Mountain Bike riding on rocky trails. Mountain bike leg braces have silicone padding or gel inside that provides additional comfort but Mountain bike leg pads not compression sleeves will provide better support for longer rides.

You should look for Mountain Bike Knee Pads made from a material that wicks moisture away from your skin like silk because it dries quickly which keeps you cool while sitting still or peddling up hills on hot summer days. Silk Mountain Bike pads also offer some UV protection so you can also wear them under running shorts when mountain biking in weather that Mountain Bike riding might not be a smart thing to do Sunscreen alone doesn’t provide sun protection from Mountain bike knee pad rays.

Nylon Mountain Bike pads are popular because they resist wear and stay grippy even when wet which is one reason why many mountain bikers prefer them for the long downhills on trails where there’s water standing up from rainstorms or snow melt. Nylon Mountain Bike pads are a favorite among professional Mountain bike racers who often wear nylon Mountain Bike pad under their racing jerseys for added protection during the race when crashes, falls or spills are common.


Mountain Bike Knee Pads


Key Things To Consider When Buying Mountain Bike Knee Pads

size – Size is the first things you must consider when buying all bike knee pads. Mountain bike knee pads come in different sizes. If you are buying pads without straps, make sure they fit you comfortably and aren’t too big or small. Always try on the knee pads before you buy them to see how they feel and if there is any pinching on your leg.

Protection – This is the second factor you should pay attention. Mountain Bike Knee Pads typically range from lightweight foam padding to gel-filled pads. Each type of pad will be more or less protective and you need to decide what level of protection is right for you. Ideally, the best Mountain Bike Knee Pads should provide adequate protection but not so much that they are uncomfortable or inhibit your movement. It’s a balancing act between protecting yourself without hindering your ride. Mountain Bike Knee pads also come in different thicknesses which offer varying levels of protection as well; however, it’s difficult to find something that is both comfortable and provides great knee coverage at the same time.

Closure – Mountain Bike Knee Pads with a strap usually provide more protection but also have less flexibility than those that don’t. Mountain biking can be very physical which means that the pads will sometimes need to bend with your body movement. This is best achieved with flexible non-strapped knee pads so it may be better for beginners to invest in these types of pads until they find out what type of action they might require from their knees while mountain biking.

Materials & comfort – Mountain bike knee pads can be rather uncomfortable due to the fact that most mountain bikers move around a lot. Mountain Bike Knee Pads that are too tight or chaff against your leg will end up being uncomfortable and make for a poor mountain biking experience; however, Mountain Bike Knee pads that are loose will expose your knee to injury. Mountain Bike Knee Pads commonly come in three styles – thick foam padded, gel-filled and lightweight foam padded. The thicker and more difficult it is to move your knee the better protection you have but the less comfortable they become because of increased weight. Foam-padded Mountain Bike Knee Pads offer decent protection without making things to bulky while allowing you to be somewhat flexible on the bike as well. Gel-filled Mountain Bike Knee Pads tend to be bulkier than foam padded Mountain Bike Knee Pads to offer more protection but they end up being very stiff and limiting movement.


Q. Why Mountain Bike Knee Pads are so important?

The short and sweet answer is that they are not only very important but also an absolute necessity for anyone participating in this sport. Mountain biking, simply put, can be a dangerous activity if you don’t have the correct safety gear on. There’s no way around it, Mountain bikers have a higher chance of injury than almost any other sporting activity out there today. One wrong move or one little error in judgment could lead to a serious accident that would require several months of recovery and possibly surgery as well!

Q. What Mountain Bike Knee Pads to Buy?

Mountain Bike Knee Pads come in a wide variety of styles and price ranges. If your main concern is price follow this rule – don’t spend more than $10-$20 on cheap Mountain Bike Knee Pads they will not provide adequate protection or comfort, but choose good quality padded Mountain Bike Knee Pads with hard plastic caps on the ends. Mountain Bike Knee Pads with hard plastic caps will protect your knees from rocks, sticks and other things you may come in contact with while riding.

Q. What Mountain Bike Knee Pads Brands Are There?

Brand is not an indication of how good Mountain Bike Knees pads are – some Mountain Bike Knee Pads brands like Fox Mountain are very well known and popular while others like Belstaff Mountain Bike knee pads offer excellent Mountain bike knee pads for a low price. Mountain Bike Knee Pad quality is determined by many factors such as the material used in their construction, padding, if they have hard plastic caps on the ends and other additional features.

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