Best Mountain Bike Pedals

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No question, pedals are the crucial part of any type of mountain bike! They transfer the power of your legs, making your bike move. The choice of the ideal pedals is very important for those who like off-road cycling so we have actually picked the very best mountain bike pedals to aid you out!

Listed below are bestselling Best Mountain Bike which satisfy both affordability and quality.

Shimano Pd-Mx80



The Pd-Mx80 is the third generation of Shimano’s Saint product line created to provide the optimum stability for a biker. As well as these mountain bike pedals are absolutely grippy, offering you a complete control of your bike. Thanks to these pedals, you can focus fully on riding without worrying about moving off and falling. The secret is simple – the pedals have a truly large platform that suits a foot of any size. Furthermore, these best mountain bike pedals have changeable pins on both sides.

SHIMANO PD-M8040SM Pedals - Black
  • Shimano PD-M8040 XT MTB flat pedals, size S/M

Unlike some simpler pedals, the Pd-Mx80s allow you to adjust the pins for the optimum grip whatever type of footwear you are using. Professional bike cyclists know that the pins subside and that’s why Shimano materials these pedals with added pins. Hence, these mountain bike pedals really save your cash! We would like to suggest you to make use of the Crank Brothers Multi Bike Tool – this multifunctional device is an essential for any type of bike cyclist. The tool will certainly help you execute a repair of your bike regardless of where you are.

Shimano PD-T780 SPD



Shimano is one of the leading firms manufacturing extra components for bikes. The manufacturer offers a selection of items– from economical to genuinely premium ones. The PD-T780 mountain bike pedals come from Shimano’s top-tier Deore XT product line. These pedals are a multifunctional option for all type of riding– from an early morning trip around a city to a downhill competition. The PD-T780s have an unique layout– a concave system and also a clipless SPD device.

SHIMANO SM-SH11 Road Pedal Cleat
  • Shimano SM-SH11 Road Pedal Cleat Pair " 6deg float 128851

Consequently, these multifunctional mountain bike pedals appropriate for both regular footwear and also special biking footwear. As an example, you can just place on your favored tennis shoes and make use of a system for pedaling. As well as if you desire to enjoy a cross-country experience, put your bike shoes on and also proceed. The SPD clipless device is adjustable, so you can choose the right spring setting for the best security.

The weaker the springtime, the easier you get out of the clip– just transform your foot and it will certainly be totally free. As usual, this movement is quite natural so most people discover just how to do it instead quickly. Nevertheless, do not forget to safeguard your head using this Giros Savant road bike safety helmet.

Bonmixc Mountain Bike Flat Pedals



Every bike motorcyclist knows that mud and also dust are unavoidable disadvantages of a cross-country cycling as there are definitely some sloppy areas on almost any cross-country course. Dashes of mud cover the cyclist as well as the bike– from pedals to the seat. And mud is quite unsafe for pedals as it obstructs them and could enter the pin. That’s why these Bonmixc mountain bike pedals are designed to lessen the negative impact of mud and also allow you to comply with the most daredevil tracks without any troubles.

BONMIXC Bike Pedals Lightweight Bicycle Pedals Sealed Bearing Mountain Bike Pedals Black 9/16"
  • [ SEALED BEARING ] - 100% Cr-Mo spindle with sealed bearing, ride efficiently.
  • [ ULTRATHIN SIZE AND ULTRALIGHT WEIGHT ] - AL6061 Aluminum alloy bike pedals in ultrathin design brings lightweight, high strength and long durability features. Size 3.98x4.60x0.75 inches and Weight 0.37lb each, saving 30% of the driving power.
  • [ STURDY STRUCTURE ] - Unique triangular design and CNC technology strengthen the bike pedals with more stability and more durability. Even riding on a rugged mountain road, you'll feel safer and more comfortable.

The platform is rather big as well as has relatively big openings through which the mud falls off, leaving the body of the pedals tidy. Thanks to this straightforward yet efficient remedy, your feet will certainly always stand firmly on the pedals rather than gliding on a thick layer of mud. The Bonmixc pedals have anti-slip nails, so you can place your favored tennis shoes on and also enjoy an amazing flight. We would additionally such as to suggest you to put on special FIRELION Downhill Off-Road gloves that will offer you a company hold and also safeguard your hands in instance you drop.

Wellgo MG-1 Flat Platform Pedal

Wellgo MG-1 Flat Platform Pedal


As we have actually currently mentioned, mountain bike pedals should be durable as downhill riding consists of great deals of dives which fill pedals greatly. The Wellgo company created the MG-1 system pedals to stand up to also the most severe riding. The body of these Wellgo mountain bike pedals is constructed from high-grade magnesium alloy. This product is extremely firm so the pedals withstand also serious bumps (onto the ground or rocks, for example).

Wellgo MG-1 Magnesium Sealed Platform Pedal, 9/16-Inch, White
  • Body: Magnesium/Painted Color
  • Spindle: Cr-Mo
  • Bearing: DU/Sealed

Also, magnesium alloy pedals are much more lightweight than those made from various other materials, such as steel or light weight aluminum alloy. The pedals have a very trustworthy chrome-molybdenum pin; the turning is constantly smooth thanks to the closed bearings that require no maintenance whatsoever. As you can see, these mountain bike pedals are ready for any kind of downhill path so pick them if you want to obtain the adrenaline streaming in your blood vessels!

Obviously, pedals should be properly affixed to the crank arms of your bike and that’s why we encourage you to use the Park Tool Residence Auto mechanic pedal wrench. Bring this wrench in your biking backpack as well as you will never ever have any kind of problems with pedals.

Time Atac MX 2

Time Atac MX 2


The Moment Atac MX 2 mountain bike pedals allow you to feel on your own a single entity with your bike. When you are riding a bike with clipless pedals, specifically if they are Time Atac MX 2, you fully connect with your two-wheeler as relocating the pedals is easy as well as your feet never move off. If you mount the Time Atac MX 2 mountain bike pedals, you will quickly get to the maximum speed as the very clipless mechanism lets you move pedals not just when pushing them down with your feet however when dragging them as well.

Time ATAC MX 4 Pedal, Black
  • Steel axle & composite body
  • Stainless steel moulded dual-arches for long-life durability
  • At AC system (auto tension adjustment concept) provides easy engagement - Foot retention is independent from spring tension

Consequently, the movements of your feet come to be much more efficient. The clipless mechanisms get on both sides of each Time Atac MX 2 pedal, which suggests you can easily select the best placement. These mountain bike pedals are delivered with a couple of cleats for your biking shoes, so you do not require to purchase them independently.

However, clipless pedals might harm your footwear if you cycle a lot which’s why we suggest using unique Crank Brothers Bike shoe guards that will certainly minimize the footwear tread disturbance as well as extend the life-span of your cycling shoes.

What is a Mountain Bike Pedal

If you love downhill or cross-country racing, you need to use high-grade, trustworthy, light-weight, and also grippy bike pedals. Long lasting pedals are vital for motorcyclist’s safety and security. Mountain bike pedals are created to accomplish one of the most hassle-free positioning of your feet and stop your feet from gliding off throughout severe maneuvers. Thus, excellent mountain bike pedals can make your flights not only incredibly quick but also secure.

Besides trusted pedals, any type of great mountain bike need to have unique tires. As a result, make sure to take a look at our testimonial of the most effective Mountain Bike Tires.

What Features to Compare


Several types of pedals are made use of on mtb and the ideal choice depends on your riding design. So, let’s briefly review major kinds of mountain bike pedals:

Flat/ concave systems – these pedals are made from long lasting products such as aluminum alloys, magnesium, as well as others. These pedals normally have anti-slip nails that make certain a firm grasp.

Integrated (platform with a clipless device) – these are suitable for downhill and cross-country biking. They combine the benefits of traditional system pedals as well as clipless ones, therefore providing you an option. Such pedals permit you to fix your feet for extreme jumps and daredevil maneuvers. Systems with a clipless device are best for people that such as not just tracking yet city biking also.

Clipless pedals – these mountain bike pedals have a double clipless device (i.e. on both sides of a pedal). They are made use of for cross-country riding and also are relatively troublesome for city rides.


Mountain bike pedals must be truly durable as they are under a hefty tons throughout stunts as well as jumps. Therefore, they have to hold up against one of the most extreme riding. That’s why the producers do their best to make their mountain bike pedals as durable as possible. Unnecessary to discuss, the far better the product, the extra pricey the pedal.

Some manufacturers use a less costly product yet make the body of a pedal fairly thick, which makes them larger. Mentioning one of the most lightweight yet durable MTB pedals, we advise obtaining either those made of light weight aluminum alloy or magnesium. Additionally, a pin is an important part of any pedal so you need to take notice of what it is made from. Chrome-molybdenum (cromoly) spindles are amongst one of the most sturdy and also need little to no maintenance in all.

Steel spindles are much less long lasting and also are normally installed on pedals for city bikes. Ultimately, check what sort of bearings pedals have. A lot of commonly, closed bearings are used – they are very durable and make certain a smooth turning of pedals. There are likewise cageless bearings that are much cheaper yet less durable.


Lastly, you need to make sure the pedals you choose are convenient being used and also upkeep. First off, if you select a system pedal, ensure to select the ideal size and shape for your feet. A lot of mountain bike pedals allow you to readjust the nails to achieve the excellent grip.

When it comes to clipless pedals, we suggest selecting those with a flexible springtime to ensure that you can launch your bike footwear without any trouble. Riding at night may be hazardous so it’s advisable to use the pedals with integrated light reflectors (thanks to which you will certainly be a lot more visible on a night road).

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