Fiido L2 Folding Electric Bike Performance and Review

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The Fiido L2 Folding Electric Bike doesn’t resemble a standard e-bikes, at least not the kinds that we are utilized to in the West. Rather, it embraces a layout that has come to be profoundly popular in East Asia by sporting smaller wheels, moped-style suspension, a significant battery, and seating for two.

After checking out the e-bike myself, I can see why the style is so preferred there, and also why it just might work well below in the West too.

FIIDO L2 Folding EBike, 350W Aluminum Electric Bicycle with Pedal for Adults and Teens, 14" Electric Bike 15Mph with 48V/20AH Lithium-Ion Battery, Gray
  • [Folding & Lightweight E-Bike] - This FIIDO L2 electric bike is very lightweight and easy to fold, making it easy to store. You can easily put it in the trunk of any car, or you can put it in the corner of your home or office.
  • [Intelligent Cycling Model] - The electric bicycle has three riding modes options. You can choose the mode of the pure electric or the electric assist to relax, or the mode of pedal riding to exercise. The bike body is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, which is light and rustproof. The design of large wheels hub and rear shock absorber for improved road access and better comfort.
  • [Safe & Stable Riding] - The E-Bike has adopted a new technology of the dual disc brakes on front and rear wheels, which makes the brakes more stable and effective. It is equipped with an instrument display and a LED headlight. That ensures a safer ride for you at night.

Fiido L2 Performance and Review

fiido l2 Reviews
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In the beginning glance, you could reject the L2 as an oddity.

But something about it was fascinating enough for me to get one and also check it out.

Maybe it was the double seats. Maybe it was the huge 48V 20Ah (virtually 1 kWh) battery. Possibly it was the complete suspension. Maybe it was the affordable price (simply $739).

Whatever it was, I’m actually pleased I did. Because despite not looking like a lot, the Fiido L2 is a remarkable little e-bike with some major energy capacity for city riders.

Check out my video testimonial listed below, after that maintain checking out to obtain all the enjoyable details concerning this incredible little e-bike.

Fiido L2 tech specifications

Motor: 350W continuous rear hub motor (which is surprisingly effective).

Top speed: 25 km/h (15 miles per hour).

Array: 80-130 kilometres (50-80 mi) depending on throttle vs pedal-assist riding.

Battery: 48V 20Ah (960Wh).

Weight: 21 kg (59.5 lb).

Tires: 14 ″ x 2.125 ″.

Framework: Light weight aluminum alloy.

Suspension: Front springtime fork, dual back coilover shocks (plus springtime saddle).

Brakes: Mechanical disc brakes.

Rate: $739 from

Bonus: LED display with battery meter as well as degree indicator, front and also rear LED lights, 3 PAS rate settings, electric horn, cellular phone owner with USB charger, fenders, rear rack/bench seat, certificate plate holder (most likely not important in the United States!).

Special Features and Benefits of the Fiido L2

First of all, allow’s take a look at the differentiators. There are lots of folding e-bikes around, however really few offer full suspension. The Fiido L2 has dual back shocks and a springtime saddle, which incorporate with the basic front suspension fork to offer a wonderful trip even on dirt tracks.

Fiido L2 Folding Electric Bike Fiido L2 Folding Electric Bike

Fiido L2 Folding Electric Bike

Then take into consideration the battery. At nearly 1,000 Wh, it’s twice the capacity of a lot of entry-level e-bikes and also 3 or four times the size of many ultra-budget e-bike batteries. I recently examined one more little folding e-bike at virtually the very same cost as the Fiido L2, yet the L2 has triple the battery ability.

Next off, it’s made for energy with a back shelf that additionally sports a padded seat. Not only can you strap a cargo box back there, but you can carry a passenger as well. The drawback is that there are no footpegs– which honestly seems like an oversight to me. But the traveler can basically their feet on the back axle stubs, which are about where secures would go anyways. It’s not an optimal option, yet we’re talking about a $739 e-bike below, I guess sacrifices required to be made. I’ve obtained half a mind to mount my very own $14 Amazon folding foot pegs, which would certainly solve that problem.

The Fiido L2 likewise folds up down to a small size, meaning you can quickly stow it in an auto trunk or rear seats, or you could carry it onto a train or bus. With folding handlebars, framework as well as pedals, the bike can compress right into a hassle-free size for stowage.

Regardless of the affordable price, I’m additionally impressed that Fiido still took care of to stick a few animal comforts onto the bike. The Fiido L2 includes an electric horn, fenders, cellular phone holder with USB charger, integrated lights, and also even disc brakes.

And the develop top quality is in fact strong. And I’m not simply claiming that. This isn’t a paid evaluation (Electrek doesn’t do those). It’s actually the contrary given that I paid for this bike. And also I can inform you that it is developed well, with appropriate welds and a folding system that seems like it belongs on a German nutcracker. Certain, some parts are mosting likely to break with enough usage– such as those low-cost fenders or plastic pedals (which are all quickly changed), yet the essential parts seem well made.

What’s the downside?

The Fiido L2 shares something else in common with all various other e-bikes: it isn’t excellent.

My biggest complaint is the minimal top speed.

The rate is topped at 25 km/h or 15 mph. That’s a little bit slow for me. It works, however I constantly locate myself wanting even more speed. A controller swap would do it, however most individuals do not intend to get that technological (or nullify their service warranty).

The advantage of the slow rate is that it improves range. On throttle-only riding, 15-20Wh effectiveness can be anticipated, meaning 48-65 miles of variety from that virtually 1 kWh battery. With pedal assist, 10-15 Wh or lower is affordable, indicating you might theoretically come close to 90-ish miles of variety if pedaling hard enough. Yet since most individuals will make use of the Fiido L2 like a moped and also deal with the pedals as footrests, 50 miles of array is a far better quote on flat ground.

Next off, the wheels are smaller than I ‘d such as. At 14-inches they’re the minimum that I fit on for longer city journeys, as well as even then I would certainly like 16-inch wheels preferably. That being claimed, the little dimension aids maintain the bike compact when folded up, and also as long as you don’t have huge pits to take care of, you really do not notice the wheel size very much on smooth, flat ground.

There’s also no electronic screen, just an LED bulb screen, which informs you your battery ability and also PAS level. It’s similar to the display on the prominent RadRunner e-bike, and also is your basic, no-frills e-bike screen that offers you the bare necessities of ride details– with accurate rate not being one of those requirements.

Finally, there are no gears; it’s a single-speed e-bike. Again, that will not matter for individuals that treat it like a little motorbike. For pedalers, you will not be able to downshift on hillsides, though I believe Fiido did a good work of jeopardizing on the gear proportion. I can pedal at practically the full throttle of the bike (which isn’t very quick, bear in mind) yet low rate pedaling isn’t uncomfortably slow either. And also the motor is powerful enough that you can preserve a slower pedal tempo on large hillside climbs since you have that additional electrical assist.

It’s not ideal, however it’s far better than various other small-wheeled single-speed e-bikes I have actually tried.

So that is the Fiido L2 e-bike for?

If you’re attempting to get your health and fitness on, this isn’t the bike for you. It’s a low-speed e-moped that networks its internal motorbike ambiance. That indicates you’re not mosting likely to want to go out and also do a lengthy physical fitness ride on something like this.

Instead, this is significantly an urban energy e-bike. Think something like the Radrunner from Rad Power Bikes, except more affordable and also weirder. It could be good for transporting a good friend, bringing a child to college, or simply carrying grocery stores as well as other equipment

The suspension makes it comfy for several cyclists as well as opens up the opportunity of light off-road usage. The incorporated lights keeps it visible at night and the folding style indicates it can squeeze right into lifestyles of metropolitan commuters and apartment or condo dwellers.

It’s not the right e-bike for everyone, but it could be right for many people attempting to navigate their very own concrete forests. And if millions of commuters throughout East Asia have actually located success with this style of e-bike, then possibly we need to be offering tiny utility e-bikes a review over below.


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