Best 21 Recommended Bikes for Kids of All Ages Reviews

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Learning how to to ride a bike is as exciting a step for children as it is for their parents. It not only involves a great moment of sharing, but also allows the child to gain independence in future. Therefore, many people don’t know that buying the first child bike is an important decision. It is for this reason that you should focus on a few criteria before judging its quality. These will include the size, suspensions, speeds and brakes incorporated into the bicycle.

In this article, I would like to share with you some best models that may meet your requirements. If you don’t have the time to go for the tests and reviews on the Internet, please take a look to some first models below. They appreciated for the safety it offers to the hands and feet of the child with a modern appearance and rock-solid resistance.

Below are best 21 recommended bikes for children of all ages. 


Schwinn Grit Steerable Kids Bike, Boys Beginner Bicycle, 12-Inch Wheels, Training Wheels, Easily Removed Parent Push Handle with Water Bottle Holder, Orange/Black
A quick release seat post and quick release alloy saddle adjust as your child grows; This bike ships ready to be assembled; The wheels measure 12 inches
Schwinn Koen Boys Bike for Toddlers and Kids, 14-Inch Wheels, Red
NOTE: The pedals are included in their own cardboard box inside the carton

1. RoyalBaby Boys Girls Kids Bike Honey Buttons 3-9 Years Old

RoyalBaby Boys Girls Kids Bike

This first model is suitable for children from 3 -9 years old who do not yet have the notion of balance on a bicycle. Depending on the child’s morphology, the bike has a fully adjustable saddle and handlebars. The frame of the bike and the fork are made of reinforced steel, ensuring its resistance. The saddle can be decreased or increased depending on the child’s size and preference, while they get used to their bike.

For safety, there are guards on the handles and on the pedals, as well as a closed chain guard. The high resistance nylon rim is decorated with unique design. Without going through a buying guide for the best children’s bikes, note that the tires on this bike are inflatable and can be replaced easily, while the 2 stabilizer wheels are also removable as needed. In addition, the front and rear brakes are Caliper-made, as is the comfortable foam saddle.

Cons: when the chain derails, you have to take the whole thing apart, and it will take a lot of tools, time, and profanity to fix and put it back together.

2. Segway Ninebot Kids Bike for Boys and Girls, 14 inch with Training Wheels

Segway Ninebot Kids Bike

Premium grade kid’s bike made for boys and girls with top of the line safety. As the winner of 2018 iF Design Award, the Ninebot 14 inch kids bike is easy to operate and comfortable to ride for children 3-6 years old with the height of 2’11” – 3’11”.

If you are having a hard time knowing how to choose the best kid’s bikes of 2020, then you can look into this model. This model offer 2 options: 14-Inch for age 3 to 6; and 18-inch for age 5 to 10. The design of the bike is based on children’s ergonomics, so our young riders can get on, ride along, and get off the bike with ease. It offers enough space for your child to be comfortable. However, it is not bulky either. That being said, you can still take it in the trunk of your car. The colors used on this item allow it to adapt to both girls and boys.

The use of this 14/18-inch children’s bike is completely safe thanks to the coaster brakes it incorporates. The handles of its handlebars do not contain toxic substances. Your little one will also have a brake lever very easy to operate. To maximize the protection of the little ones, several parts of this bicycle are also equipped with safety reflectors.

Cons: It’s Heavy Weight. So, the drawback to this bike is that it is hard to pedal.

3. Mongoose Legion Freestyle Sidewalk BMX Bike for-Kids

Mongoose Legion Freestyle

If you are looking for one of cool bike for kid from 8 – 10 age, This model may be the best children’s bike of the selection among the others, Ideally recommended for children over 8 years old; the frame, saddle and handlebars are essential components of a bike. This is why the saddle is of good quality, besides being easily adjustable and reclining as the child wants it. The frame, meanwhile, is made of multi-layered tubular steel, also with lacquer. The handlebars are equipped with ball bearings for an easy and pleasant ride.

The brakes are in the standards for a child bicycle, that is to say it has a coaster brake for a quick stop, but also a hand brake. The 40x16t gearing with two-piece forged steel 170 mm cranks provides simple and smooth single-speed riding.

Cons: Some people have complaints about bearings, and the brakes.

Key Things to Consider When buying bikes for your children.

The bicycle can only bring benefits for a child whatever his age: good coordination, sense of balance, physical activity, but also the joy of exploring, progressing and sharing quality moments with others. But choosing a bike for a child is not easy even if you have a buyer’s guide to the best children’s bikes around. Below are key things  you must consider when buying a bike for your kid.

Bike Size

An important selection, the size of the bike for your child comes up against two difficulties: the child must be able to be completely comfortable using the bike, the bicycle also must be able to adapt to the growth of this first.

So, unlike adult bikes with which you can roughly calculate the ideal frame height size, the measurements of a kid’s bike are more based on the diameter of the wheels, in relation to its age. Note, however, that you can jump directly from one category to another depending on your child’s technical level.

To get started and learn, choose balance bikes or learning bikes, often equipped with 12-inch wheels. Without pedals or cassette, they promote coordination and balance to help children switch directly to a bike without stabilizer wheels, and can be used from 2 years old up to 5 years old. From 4 to 8 years old, you can opt for bikes with 16 inch wheels, which have brakes, pedals and chain drive. However, they must be sturdy and light. Bikes with 20-inch diameter wheels are more suitable for ages 7-10, while 24-inch bikes can be ridden from age 9. These are more advanced and are similar to bikes for adults.

But as we often say, nothing beats a try. Indeed, if you are in doubt about the ideal size, have your child try the bike, which will make your choice much easier.

The Brakes

Safety is a priority when it comes to children’s bikes. Besides the importance of the helmet, knee pads and elbow pads, the presence of a reassuring braking system is mandatory. Obviously, this kind of device does not exist for the little ones. However, always be there if your child wants to use the bike.

If the bike is equipped with a braking device, everything starts with the levers or brake levers which must be easy to reach and well suited to the child’s hands. They typically operate U-Brakes rim brake systems on smaller models. As for larger models, opt for V-Brakes or disc brakes, which are generally reliable, tough and able to withstand frequent user demands. Coaster brakes are also a great alternative. However, it should be borne in mind that their use is not obvious for younger ages.

The Suspensions

From 7 years old, children are generally of the adventurous and intrepid type, they like to discover the great outdoors and particularly walks with friends or family, so a bike equipped with suspensions would certainly suit them so that they can ride comfortably and everything in control. At the same time, it is approaching maturity on a technical level, which requires devices worthy of a real bicycle: suspensions, more robust frame, more grip wheels. This change in format is seen on models equipped with 18 or 20 inch wheels, more in the MTB or VTC range.

Like any damping device, the suspensions are made to ensure the rider’s comfort in use on rough terrain. So you have the choice between a full suspension or “Fully” for connoisseurs, which is equipped with a double damping system on the frame and the fork, and a semi-rigid which only has a suspension fork. Both allow to absorb the shocks linked to the disparities of the terrain, with optimal efficiency for a full suspension and a lesser degree for the semi-rigid, but compensated in terms of the weight of the whole.

The Bike Speeds

Just like the suspension, there is no need for gears for bikes suitable for the age group 4 to 8 years, a single speed transmission is more than sufficient. even for mountain bikes. The multispeed transmission is rather found in the higher category (model of 20 inches and more). Thus, depending on the use your child will make of their bicycle, an appropriate choice of transmission can be defined.

For example, for urban or road use, an 8 or 9 sprocket cassette is satisfactory. No need for additional chainrings, but still make sure that the shifters are ergonomic so that the child can change gears with ease.

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